Craigslist Sues Delivery Service Craigstruck for Trademark Infringement

Craigslist - 1

April 6, 2013 by Konschak Law, PLLC

CALIFORNIA – Craigslist, Inc. filed a lawsuit last week against Deuce Jackson, LLC, a Washington state company that runs the delivery service Craigstruck, alleging trademark infringement, breach of contract and unfair competition.

Craigslist’s complaint states that “[d]efendants Deuce Jackson LLC and Michael Hanson operate the website at” and that the suit “arises out of Defendants’ use of the CRAIGSTRUCK mark, which is confusingly similar to the CRAIGSLIST mark.”

Craigslist also claims that defendants violated their Terms of Use by posting hyperlinked advertisements for Craigstruck’s services on Craigslist’s website.

Craigstruck is “a site where people who have a truck can register to be available for people who are in need of a truck.” Craigstruck purportedly “functions as an information distributor, getting the right information to the right people.” Craigstruck’s website carries a disclaimer stating that its website is “in no way associated with”

Craigstruck received a federal registration for the CRAIGSTRUCK mark in 2011 and, according to documents obtained from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, has been using the mark since at least 2009. Craigslist received its first registration for the CRAIGSLIST mark in 2000, though it claims to have been using the mark since at least 1995.

Craigslist is seeking both monetary and injunctive relief for its claims, including an order canceling defendants’ federal registration for the CRAIGSTRUCK mark. Defendants have not yet filed a response to Craigslist’s complaint.

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